Month # 5 
You are now beginning the 5 th month !!--how does it feel to have all these months of exercise and healthy eating behind you? This month , we have some new and challenging workouts for you as well as more nutritional information and motivational assignments. Remember--this is YOUR program. Make it work for you and modify anything you need to. it's time to take an assessment and find out where you are in reaching your goals. 

at home or at the studio .... 
Focus: Cardio Interval Training 
I want you doing a more advanced interval workout.. this means , increase your speed for 30 sec. then drop back to a low intensity pace for 30 sec, do this 10 times !  this is something we practice in all our classes at the studio :)
~ focus on getting a little extra fruit in your diet today and reflect on all the wonderful things about your body.

Focus: Strength Training 
You're doing the same workout as last week, but with an added challenge: More weight. also google  to learn more about fiber (how exciting!) and practice a little meditation. Now, don't freak out--all you need is a few minutes of quiet time. You'll be so glad you tried it!

Focus: Cardio Endurance
Endurance. Gee, didn't we just do that? .... Okay,  you have some of the same choices as above -  walking , running , jogging, tennis, hiking, baseball, bike riding , the list really can go on and on at this time a of year --  for your cardio exercise.
focusing on vegetables (yes, I know..we already discussed this). google some smoothie ideas for squeezing in more green stuff.

Focus: Strength Training 
Lifting weights. Nothing new here-"LIVE?LOVE/LIFT!"-don''t go the gym to socialize , Work hard!

​ You'll also look for more healthy substitutions in your diet and learn how to avoid temptation( my girlfreind you'd to tell herself she was allergic to junk food ! ... i said , " oh, what happens?" , she says she breaks out into fat!  .. bad joke , but mindset .. hey that's our subject in PN next week !!.) 

Focus: Light Cardio 
Remember, you should be having a little fun here.** optional mat workout (involving some yoga/pilates moves)

 ~ learn more about emotional eating and ways to deal with stress.I was a stress eater for years , when I learned to meditate , my cortisol levels balanced out , my cravings disappeared and it was like a sheath of fat lifted right off ! 

Focus: Variety 
focus on keeping variety in your play day. 
Your nutritional goal? To have a treat! Even your motivational goal is a good one--reward yourself for a job well done, remember your commitment contract with yourself , you know the one when you signed up to this and said , YES , i am going to do this !! ? well,  what did you promise yourself was your reward - or chore if you haven't earned it...