Pur ZEN Fitness LTD
& Wellness Massage 

Pur-ZEN is THE place to feel good while you are working out, our friendly staff and trainers know you by name and high five you as you progress through your workouts and fitness journey. It feels like a place you want to be a part of as the community of clients , staff and trainers( we like to call them Motivators...)  all encourage, push and motivate each other to do better and to participate the best each day. If you want to get in shape or stay in shape, the VIBE at ZEN makes all the difference as it becomes a place you can’t wait to get to instead of always .
workouts are a Treat not a Chore... you deserve a workout today!

Walk into one of our 2 studios and you quickly realize, this place is different. Why have I not heard of this place?
It’s exactly what I am looking for! The studio's are perfectly designed for group fitness, barre, TRX, a multitude of ZEN oriented workouts. The equipment we use is simple yet effective for achieving, fast paced, fun , de-stressing and easy to learn workouts. The Innovative part of our name comes from the ways in which we believe fitness should be viewed,  after a few classes you will never look at a treadmill or a gym the same way.

Upon entering Pur Zen’s tranquil space, clients are greeted by the friendly faces that goes out of its way to get to know regular visitors and to ensure a personalized, comfortable massage experience. Each certified massage practitioner in Pur-ZEN are accredited massage hours and a dedication to Pur Zen’s personable attitude, a skill set that facilitates clients’ complete and total relaxation as practitioners release tension and unwind knotted muscles using a variety of  Thai trained modalities. Each of the studio's 4 different styles of traditional &  specialty massage help foster optimal wellness, addressing problems including chronic pain and sports-related soreness or injury.

During sessions ranging from traditional deep-tissue massage to reinvigorating Thai foot massage, our practitioners encourage their clients to take a minute to acclimate to the relaxing space, using deep breathing meditation to release stress. we offer private room treatments as well as studio style massage .

In One Word: AWESOME, FUN, CHALLENGING, EXCITING, EFFICIENT for ALL levels of fitness….OK so that was five words, really, it's so tough to describe until you try our classes yourself. One thing that is not tough to describe is the SCIENCE behind what ZEN is all about.
First, there is LOUD MUSIC, why? ZEN music.... Distract you, pump up the adrenaline, build the FUN FACTOR. Each class our sound is specific for the style of class you are taking .... but rest a sure all classes end with ZEN!
Second there is the Variety of the Classes, you never do the same classes everyday..... our schedule is so diverse .
 All our classes are so fun, the time flies for you!  The genius behind our workouts is that they can suit every level of fitness as the client can push themselves as hard as they feel comfortable doing.

ZEN System
The  PUR ZEN was designed to deliver, strength, cardio, range of motion, healthy mind and a positive way of looking at ourselves in an atmosphere that is NOT like a gym , our idea is simple ... no one likes to go to the gym and workout - it feels like a chore not something you look forward to doing - At Pur-ZEN , our approach is different , coming to workout with us is like going to the spa
​ ( and who doesn't want to go to the spa !! ) our focus is Safe exercise , positive reinforcement , training our mind to be as strong

as our body! The Classes are for all ages and levels of Fitness. 

Whether you are a experienced or not , our instructors  can accommodate the novice as easily as the seasoned athlete. 
The beauty of PUR-ZEN is that everyone supports each other and that is what builds our FAMILY.

At PUR-ZEN, we want you to set personal goals and reach for the moon.
More importantly, we pride ourselves in our ability to create a community environment where we ALL succeed together.!
When you join PUR-ZEN, you are not only joining
#1 MIND/BODY FITNESS Studio in the South Okanagan, you are joining TEAM PUR-ZEN .

a lot of words about  us ....

A few words about us...

We are a luxury Fitness and Wellness Center specializing in meeting

the needs of  all ages of clientele from the retired to over worked !

Catering to Medical professionals , teachers , people with stressful and physically demanding jobs, students and seniors  .


Pur ZEN Fitness LTD has locations in Oliver . We offer a full range of services including Group Fitness classes : Barre , Bootcamp ( high and low impact ) , TRX, Cycling , Pilates & Yoga . We also have Thai Massage and Table Massage available with certified Practitioners , as well as Studio style Massage by our Student practitioners for discounted prices.  For over  three years Pur ZEN Fitness has been growing an amazing network of healthy individuals and families . We also offer Lululemon and Pure vita Labs supplements available