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What if I  take a break from booze?”

Have you ever asked yourself this question?
I have.
I never felt like I needed to quit drinking. My consumption is normal by most accounts. It’s “Social.”
But boozy beverages seem to show up a lot.
I used to like having a wine to mark the end of a work week. My best friend likes a good glass of wine or two with Sunday dinner. Friday night , for a lot of my clients, just seems to call for a cocktail.

Something to celebrate? Pour a little champagne. Crappy day? A martini will take the edge off.
The drinks can start to add up.

They’re easy to justify: I’m a healthy person. I work out a lot. I eat good food.

But could giving up alcohol be a tipping point? Am I missing sharper thinking and perfect sleep and hyper-charged creativity and young skin and a six pack because of my six packs?

Is alcohol slowly, silently chipping away at my health?
After all, I’ve read that drinking can wreak havoc on the body and mind…
Or, wait, was it that drinking is good for your heart?
Or bad for your heart but you still live longer?...

How do my wellness goals square with the delicious craft beer in my fridge? or a little flavored Caroline's in my coffee....

I want to be healthy. Like most people I want to look and feel my best.

Curious about how alcohol affects that goal, I started digging. When it comes to alcohol’s effect on health, the picture is kind of confusing.

You may have heard that drinking is actually good for you.

Moderate alcohol intake is associated with a lower risk of diabetes, gallstones, and coronary heart disease.

Light to moderate drinking seems to be good for the heart and circulatory system, helping reduce your risk of cardiac arrest and clot-caused stroke by 25 to 40 percent.

And there have been several studies indicating that drinkers — even heavy drinkers — actually outlive people who don’t drink.

We see headlines about all this every time a new study comes out, which seems fairly often, judging by my newsfeed.

An important point that seems to get buried: If you don’t already drink, health experts recommend you don’t start.

Wait, what? If drinking is so good for you, then why not add that antioxidant-rich red wine to MyPlate — a nice goblet right where the milk used to be?

Seriously ~ Love life!
​Enjoy a red now and again , but consider if your going to the liquor store more than the gas station? 1 bottle of wine is truly meant to be savored among friends ( 4 people) . Not YOU and the bottle . 
if you are consuming alcohol daily this is a recipe for disaster !!!

Check out your weight loss contract - commit to a realistic goal - alcohol came come back into the equation once your head space is clear , your body is Lean and Mean!!