*please note , there is a 4 clients minimum to run yoga classes, we reserve the right to cancel .This doesn't happen often but Weather and sudden cancellations do happen.
​thank you for understanding our small business practice.

Our Members can now track fitness data in real time, track heart rate zone and calories as well as their Heart Rate summary at the end of a session. Members will also have the ability to track past performances through our Stats accounts.
we are slowly integrating our new system - at present we offer a loaner Heart rate monitors @ $50 for the Passport to Fitness Program 
- if your would like to purchase your own... we sell ours for $69.99 they work with our system as well as other fitness tracking facilities in the valley !

​let us know and we will let you know what devices are compatible with our system .
​( fit bit's are non-compatible our system , Garmin is !)