Exercise support:


Nutritional support:


 Walking & or jogging this week ....
interval can be 25 minutes of 30 sec on (fast paced cardio) to 30 sec, moderate pace....    jog - walk- jog - walk: remember a walk should be brisk enough that you can NOT carry on a conversation with out huffing and puffing!!

Let's go! Monday 
Get to a class or do the strength training with the 3 Day  total body workout .
  Your challenge is to do 3 X 10 , but lets work ... You should be doing at least 2 sets, although you should modify that according to your fitness level. You'll also be learning about healthy snack ideas.

Focus on endurance
Today is your endurance workout--ad some hills and stairs ....
 The idea is to do a steady workout at a medium pace to boost endurance.
Breakfast the meal of the day--if you're not eating it, now is the time to work on that and make some strides towards a healthier day.
I love a 1/4 cup of oatmeal in my smoothie in the am , it gives me the grains that I need to feel full .
or I have egg whites and oatmeal fried into a pancake , great for when your on the run.

focus on strength 
Today your back to your strength training with the lower body  . Remember, you're building strong, lean muscle and that means you're getting stronger and slimmer. Muscle takes up less space than fat, so the more you have, the slimmer you are. 
Work on your lunch today--as in, making it more healthy.

Focus on a brisk walk. You still need to move around and I've made some suggestions for what you can do (clean your house, walk the dog , go swimming, kayaking, biking , or golfing .
going for a drive is NOT a leisure activity , unless you are driving to your healthy moving activity !! 

Focus on strength , today is whole body.
so , have you earned your extra meal this week , that certain something you've been craving?
Choose something you love, have a reasonable portion and savor every bite.

EF - earned food 
​ GF - guilt food 

when you remove the guilt behind the food your body naturally absorbs it differently , if you have been following a healthy eating habit and exercising regularly , the Earned food gets absorbed and the nutrients of that food are utilized , and not stored as Fat ! 

guilty eating only results in an unhealthy feeling mentally and emotionally 

see you next week, 


you guessed it , that interval I was talking about at the top of the page...walk- jog- walk - jog... try a couple.