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Purchases of ZEN Monthly auto payment : 
Membership – Agreement
This Agreement for our PUR:Zen Membership between PUR:Zen Fitness (“PUR:Zen”) located at 6220 main street. Oliver, BC and <your NAME> became (or becomes) active on <CONTRACT START DATE>.
PUR:Zen reserves the right to amend the terms of this agreement at any time.

**Freedom to suspend your membership if you're traveling, busy, or just need a break (up to 4 months/year, $10/pause per month)

AUTO-PAYMENTS (for month-to-month memberships only)
You agree to leave a valid credit or debit card on file with PUR:Zen ( Teresa Maurer), and authorize PUR:Zen ( Teresa Maurer ) to charge your card automatically <MONTHLY PRICE> each month.

The card you used to initiate this agreement ends in <LAST 4 DIGITS OF CARD>. If your card number changes, expires, or you have a change of address, you must update your information in our online reservation system, or notify us in writing at winecapital@pur-zen.com at least 10 days before your next scheduled monthly payment so that we can update your information for you. A $10/month penalty fee may be assessed if your card information is not updated and your scheduled monthly auto-pay is unsuccessful. PUR:Zen reserves the right to cancel your membership after any unsuccessful charge attempt.

Pur-Zen is not responsible for any fees assessed by your bank or credit card provider for lack of funds, overcharges, or any other fees

Contract Memberships Terms and Conditions
The Member agrees to allow the Studio to charge his/her credit card or to process a pre-authorized withdrawal for the purpose of his/her membership fees pursuant to the Membership Agreement.
Applicable taxes apply.
Member acknowledges that a charge of $10.00 will be made for any withdrawals not completed due to insufficient funds.
Member understands and agreed that the Membership Agreement is not assignable or transferrable by Member and no rights or privileges granted by the membership can be transferred or assigned by Member.
Member agrees to keep and obey all rules and regulations now in force or in the future prescribed by the Studio, for the use of the Studio facilities, premises and equipment therein.
The Studio reserves the right to revoke a Membership Agreement if the Member fails to keep and obey any of such rules and regulations.
Membership Suspension* annual auto pay only
Member understands that (s)he has the ability to “suspend” his/her membership at any point in time for a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of four (4) months.
A request to suspend membership must be made by in writing via email at winecapital@pur-zen.com or by leaving us a written copy of requested dates at the studio reception desk, verbal requests will NOT be accepted.
Membership suspensions shall not come into effect unless and until the Studio provides its expressed approval to the Member of the Request to Suspend Membership.
Member acknowledges that a charge of $10.00 will be made per suspension or per month of his/her membership.

Membership Cancellation
You may cancel your (6) or (12) Month Unlimited Membership Contract at any time after your first 3 month contract.
To cancel your membership please send written cancellation request via our email : winecapital@pur-zen.com .

After notice of cancellation, an early cancellation fee of $100, plus applicable taxes, will be charged to your credit card.
Membership privileges will continue throughout the term of your last month charged.
If you are cancelling your membership , you must contact us 30 days in advance , not the days of your next months payment, as this will be accepted as your final months payment . Membership Auto-Renew Option
Member has option to lock into current price of membership with the agreement to the automatic renewal for subsequent months, unless cancelled by either the Member or PUR-ZEN with notification of 30 days in advance of the next billing date.