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Nutritional support:

Week 3. Nutrition  

You have some new challenges this week with both your cardio and strength training assignments.. As always, use your own judgment and listen to your body. These workout assignments are only suggestions! Make sure you modify the workouts or replace them with your own...this is YOUR journey to wellness.

I now it's tough the first couple of weeks -
don't get discouraged!! take a look at the EASY Balanced Meal plans button - it's my recipes and my rules !  I used this format to heal and balance !

Day 15
Focus: Interval Training . I've provided a more advanced interval workout, but feel free to keep doing what you were doing last week. Whatever you choose, make it work for you.  also learn more about protein and focusing on the positive aspects of your body.

Day 16
Focus: Strength training 
I hope you're ready for your more advanced total body workout this week. It includes more exercises and more weights--please stick with the original workout if you're not ready to progress. take some time to  learn more about healthy fats and continue with your positive reflections by coming up with 10 things you like about exercise. Yes...that's TEN.

Day 17
Focus: Endurance 
Today, --do your own thing. Just keep the pace at a medium intensity for 20 or more minutes. Your nutrition focus is on finding substitutions for any high-calorie foods you eat and you'll find some motivation by remembering why you started this program in the first place.

Day 18
Focus: Strength Training 
Today you're focusing on strength . don't have weights , oh well then go do yard work, move some rocks!
​Your nutrition focus is --drumroll please--vegetables! Oh, now don't make that face. Veggies are good for you. For motivation,  learn how to add a little competition to your workouts to get you going.
Did you do your Fitness test??

Day 19
Focus: Light Cardio 
Did you notice I've added another day of cardio? But, relax--it's just some light cardio. Pick something you enjoy and have fun doing it--as long as you're moving, I'm happy.
Your nutrition focus is on whole grains and motivating yourself by taking a moment to reflect on how far you've come in the program.

Day 20
Focus: Variety 
Today is all about variety. Choose one of the workouts I've provided or do something else. You'll be excited to know that your nutrition focus is chocolate! Whoo hoo! If you don't like chocolate, I'm sure you can find something you DO love. Treat yourself with a reasonable portion of something yummy today.
72% real DARK Chocolate , no candy bars please .