​​​ Week 4
Meal planning

Congratulations...You've made it to week 4. Hopefully, our wellness program is working for you and you're finding a little more encouragement to be more active. This week, you should make  a few changes in your workouts to add intensity. 

This week, you'll be continuing with the basic program you've been following, with a few added challenges.  Continuing with finding innovative ways to add more cardio ,like parking further, taking an extra set of stairs..., now adding another set and/or weights to your strength training workouts and spending some time learning about some of the recipes( see Gourmet nutrition cookbook)  remember...this is your wellness program, so substitute your own workouts or modify the ones I've provided.

Day 22
Focus: Cardio 
This week, you're doing  interval workout - walking fast for 30 sec , then jog for 30 sec. / do this 8 times and then carry on with your Cardio 
No excuse .... the pool is open so don't use injuries as a scape goat !
Remember that interval workouts involve increasing your intensity for short periods of time and then recovering. Your goal this week is to add 5 minutes to your workout.
google  :  low-carb meals and get motivated to eat healthy.are you drinking your lemon water in the morning ? 

Day 23
Focus: Strength 
ARe you sticking with one consistent factor of change to intergrate better wellness??Add one more set to each exercise from the 3 Day total body routine. Be sure to adjust your weight as needed and take your time with each move. Your nutrition assignment is to learn more about Clean Eating and ways to make it easier to avoid temptation.

Day 24
Focus: Endurance 
 While your out for your walk , stir up topic of healthy habits .....how to use your mind to make healthy eating more fun.

Day 25
Focus: Strength Training 
Today's workout is the same one( 3 Day -Total body) you've been doing, with that added set. Again, take time to do the moves correctly and modify anything that's too easy or too hard.
go to the Library and get some clean eating books , or think this week I have mastered one consistent change , now I will master a new change like having greens daily . or avoiding alcohol 

Day 26
Focus: Light Cardio 
Last week you added a new cardio day to your weekly routine. Continue with your choice of activity, but add 5 minutes to your workout time. Have you been keeping a journal of the days you work out ? eat right ? sleep good? drink water?  For motivation, you'll take your time today to enjoy what you're eating instead of snarfing it down in a hurry. Chew, people, chew!
​journal me , I am a great sound board and good cheer leader !!

Day 27
Focus: Variety
 do your own thing. Your nutrition focus is on healthy desserts (yay!)see the pdf Desserts Recipe Book  and your assignment is to take some quiet time today to just breathe.
​Sounds good, doesn't it?