# 6
​Subliminal messages

It's month 6 and you're doing great! Don't be afraid to branch out and do something you never thought you'd do bowling, rockclimbing ,  anyone?). As always, modify as needed and keep up the great work!
Your cardio workouts will also look familiar--you'll be adding some time to your previous workouts and your challenge this week is to try something completely different. 
​This week our focus is on the power of intention , through subliminal sound. Below I have attached The Secret ~ if you didn't watch it about 10 years back ... well it's time to sit down , grab some air popped popcorn with some yeast flakes ( instead of butter ) and enjoy the show! 

Day 36
Focus: Cardio Interval 
This week, you're continuing with your advanced treadmill / elliptical or cycling interval workout. Remember that interval workouts involve increasing your intensity for short periods of time and then recovering. google : a new site where you can track your workouts and eating...for fun

Focus: Strength Training 
Total body workouts but progress by adding a little more weight

Focus: Endurance 
 Think about taking a class, switch up your routine, try a run , cycling class , i will walk 500miles... .
okay if you don't , I repeat myself  below....

Focus: Strength Training 
Gee, is it already time for strength training again? Yep, it is.  learn more about why I don't like diets all that much.
​Meditation ~  great tips on shutting up that little negative voice inside your head that tries to make you skip your workouts. Enjoy!
see:   mediation challenge ( chopra center) 

Focus: Trying Something New 
Yes, today is the day, friends. Your assignment is to try something new. It has to be something you wouldn't ordinarily do or it doesn't count. That could mean going for a walk (if you usually go to the gym) or playing a game of tennis (if you usually do something solitary). Whatever it is, have a little fun. You'll also have your optional mat workout and think about  what can happen if you don't eat enough..... do i need to remind you , SUMO wrestlers don't eat breakfast ( do you want to look like a sumo wrestler? ) 

Focus: Variety and Endurance 
Once again, you have your choice of cardio workouts. If you've made it this far, congratulations! You're  over halfway there and I hope you're getting stronger.