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Nutritional Support:

-Week 7
7 steps to S uccess ...
This week, you've got a brand new strength training program that includes a total body workout and a split routine that covers upper and lower body. That means you'll be lifting more times this week as well as doing new exercises. Please take your time with the workouts and listen to your body--modify as needed to fit your fitness level. 

Day 43
Focus: H.i.i.T weight training
What? No cardio today? That's you're starting out with either the training regime you've been doing - or it's time to kick it into the High intensity training formats provided in your new workout PDF. Your nutritional focus is learning more about the benefits of a high fiber diet. Don't roll your eyes--fiber is important! 

Day 44
Focus: Cardio
Oh...there's the cardio workout. As you've noticed, your cardio has moved around a little in your new schedule--feel free to do it whenever you want. Just make sure you're getting enough rest and that you're getting a rest day between strength workouts. Your nutritional focus is learning more about why diets don't work and your motivation today is all about finding time to exercise.

Day 45
Focus: H.i.i.T routine #2
Well, here it is...your new strength training workout. This routine focuses on your upper body and includes exercises for chest, back, shoulders and arms. I've also included a core workout --these exercises are challenging so take your time and work your way up to some of the more difficult exercises.

Day 46
Focus: Cardio 
Today you'll be doing your endurance workout For motivation, I've given you some resources to to find your deeper sense of self , what changes in your thinking patterns , choosing success over failure - using positive affirmations to find the new YOU! can...surprise!...find more time to exercise. I know, I know...I need to get a life.

Day 47
Focus: H.i.i.T routine #3
Today is your third new strength training workout targeting the lower body. As always, please modify to fit your fitness level. If you have any knee problems, take care with the lunges and squats and only go down as far as you can without hurting yourself. I've also given you some new recipe ideas for a healthy breakfast , lunch and dinners.

Day 48
Focus: Variety 
Today  get some new workouts to choose from....
go to the library , try your luck at some YOGA video's ...... Your motivation is to reward yourself. Hey, this ain't so bad, is it