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-Week 8
Get outside!...
Week 8! You're doing great! 
I want you to start thinking outside Fitness...!  inside classes only count for a portion of this program 

Day 50
Focus: Total Body Strength 
You're doing the same workout as last week, still doing at least 3 sets of each exercise with 30 seconds of rest in between. The difference is that you'll add 2 reps per exercise, using enough weight that you can ONLY complete 14 reps. 

Day 51
Focus: Interval Training 
Today is a great Day to head to the outdoor Fitness Park by the info center. 
watch the videos , there great to give you pointers on how to use the equipment  effectively.

Day 52
Focus: Upper Body 
Today, I recommend  your upper body routine add some extra abdominal crunches . 

Day 53
Focus: Endurance 
It's time to get outside , dust off the sneakers, and bikes!! or get going around the Fitness Park.

Day 54
Focus: Lower Body 
I recommend your lower body workout with an added challenge of 2 reps per exercise. I'm sure you can't wait! 

Day 55
Focus: Variety 
Today is your day--. It's all about doing something different and having a little fun.

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