-Week 9
 By now, you should be feeling good about yourself, no matter what's going on with your weight. This week, you're continuing with your exercise program and, of course.

This week will look awfully familiar--yes, you're following the same schedule as last week, but with a few extra challenges. In your strength training routines, I want you increasing your weight to each exercise. Your cardio workouts are also the same--you can change them yourself by making them longer or more intense or, as always, you can choose a different type of cardio. 

Day 57
Focus: Total Body Strength 
Yes--you're back to the total body workout, only this time you're doing 2 more reps per exercise. The nutrition focus today is on green tea...namely, why you should be drinking it. To motivate yourself today, you're going spend some time writing down your goals and keeping them around so you always have a reminder of why you're working so hard to take care of your body. Enjoy!

Day 58
Focus: Interval Training 
Try to contain your excitement as we once again tackle intervals today--please choose one of my workouts or make your own. Just make sure you work really hard during the intensity intervals.  Also maybe spend time at the vitamin store learn more about multi-vitamins (high quality) and use your friends and family to help motivate you to exercise.
Day 59
Focus: Upper Body and Core Strength 
Today, your focus is on increasing your weight for your upper body exercises. Start with small increments, just make sure you're lifting enough that the last rep is difficult, but not impossible.  also , maybe try  core exercises on the ball  

Day 60
Focus: Cardio Endurance 
Yay! It's cardio endurance day! YAY!!!! Sorry--I'm just trying to pump you up a little. Do your cardio today and try  to do you fitness test ...it'll make you feel good.  Isn't today exciting? I think so.

Day 61
Focus: Lower Body 
Your butt...your thighs...your hips. That's what you're working today in your lower body workout with some added challenge--more weight. If you haven't already , open your pdf buttons on this page , they are chalked full of important meals , that if you haven't taken the opportunity to follow , your missing out on really fun and easy recipes . That's right...I said it...FUN.

Day 62
Focus: Variety 
You know what you'll be doing today--some kind of cardio workout that includes variety. You also get a chance to treat yourself with pizza--or whatever you like. I, personally, am a pizza girl. ... unfortunately , I'm allergic to wheat and dairy ! 

​Great job this week! You're almost there, so keep going

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