Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband
Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband


Find Calm & Stay Focused

Muse gives you real-time feedback on your brain activity as you meditate to help make meditation easier and keep you focused. Stop guessing and start Musing.

Learn this ancient practice in a comfortable setting. an excellent introduction to the significant mental, emotional, spiritual and physical benefits of meditation.
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Ayurveda Constitution Analysis 
At PUR-ZEN your Constitution Analysis consists of the Constitution Questionnaire and a Pulse Assessment.  You will learn your prakriti, your natural constitution and your vikriti, imbalances in your constitution.  You will receive proper guidelines leading you towards balance within your physical body, senses, mind and heart
60 min. $60 




Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband



Passage to wellness… a healthy state of mind and body , in turn ,producing the ultimate “Zen” of you, letting the reality of your true spirit surface. Finding your special balance to bring you into optimum wellness…
 …. Escape with us and discover Pur“ZEN”

Thai Yoga Massage:

Yoga stretching and Zen line compression,
 increasing range of motion. Natural
releases throughout the spine and body.
Wear loose clothing, and comfortable long pants
60 min./$75    90 min. /$110 

 Thai ~Neck back and shoulders 
40 min. /$50

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