This may sound like a Heroic effort , but there are approx. 2000 steps ( 100 calories ) every mile, and they add up fast !- if each member burned 100 calories for 5 days – that’s nearly 800 km –

so how do my calories count? IN STUDIO exercise only , by wearing your heart rate monitor that is connected to our studio software, we will show you on the screen your heart rate goals and calories burning objectives to get you in the zones !

Your calorie’s and mileage are automatically tracked on our team leaderboards 

get moving , get fit with the support and encouragement of our Pur-ZEN community ! Compete with your self or your peers for bragging rights as well as prizes to be awarded at the end of the year PARTY!

prize eligibility : Start the race ... & reach 9 destinations on target dates listed below
totals from beginning ( 1 calories = 1 km)

1 APRIL/  destination #1 Las Vegas  1866 calories 

 #2 Cichen itza , mx 6,036 calories

#3 Machu Picchu Peru , 8315 calories

#4 Christ Redemmer Brazil , 10, 979 calories

#5 collsseum 20,300 cal

#6  Jeruselum 22,753 cal

#7 Egypt 23,500 cal

#8 Taj Mahal 28,100 cal

#9 Great wall of china , 39,352


so it doesn't matter how long it takes you to get there , Enjoy the JOURNEY , NOT the Destination !!! 

Questions : 
so how much does this cost ? I see $75 dollars but what am I really gonna spend for this ? 
if your already a member .. it literally costs you $7.50 per month !! 

- you will pay $75 for the program . plus what ever pass you use for your classes , so for some it may be cheaper than others depending on the frequency of your classes . 

-if you purchase our inclusive 10 month  passport to fitness  MONTHLY UNLIMITED CLASSES. 

$50 deposit ( refundable) 
$75 Passport to Fitness Challenge 

$140 per mo. (- $10 discount  for 10 months  $100  studio credit ) 

= $130.75 per month  

we also have monthly incentives , so your name will go in our draws and you may win 10-50% off a months pass .

or receive 10-25% off your months pass if you sign up for a participating community fitness promotion  !! 

there will be lots of different and fun things to participate in all year long!!

can i join the program and NOT be a member or go to fitness classes
YES!! absolutely , join us and you will still be apart of our program , you will still keep track of your steps ( using your own device ) and receive on-line nutritional support - we will have weekly weigh-in's that are scheduled through out the week !! 

We are about a community getting Healthy  - let's do it together !!

The First NEW 10 Annual Monthly Members to 

sign-up receive 20% off + $100 in-store credit !!