Pur ZEN Fitness LTD
& Wellness Massage 

Traditional Thai Massage
60min  $80     90min  $115     120min  $150
Calming and invigorating, a combination of stretching and acupressure massage. Therapeutic, relaxing, energizing, focusing upon the energy make-up of the body, alleviating aches, pains, and imbalances. This treatment helps you de-stress, harmonizing your mind, body and spirit. Don't worry, we adjust the massage pressure and stretching techniques to suit your needs and body types. Comfortable clothing is provided. Ideal for the massage novice 

Please note: It is advised cancellations must be 24 hours in advance to avoid full charge 
we  offer a sliding scale for clients who require assistance
Prices are in Canadian Dollars and subject to 5% sales tax (GST).

Back Neck & Shoulders
45min   $70     60min  $80
An invigorating massage concentrating on the tension hot-spots of the back, neck and shoulders. A great way to relieve tension and to get rid of any built up stress.

Thai Aromatherapy Oil Massage
60min  $80     90min  $115     120min  $150
Full body aromatic and relaxing massage with your body draped at all times. A combination of flowing strokes and acupressure techniques, this soothing and gentle massage allows the healing natural essential oils to penetrate the skin, leaving you relaxed, alleviating tired muscles and resting the mind with the sense of well-being. Warm damp towels are used to wipe off excess oil leaving you refreshed. Unscented oil is also available.

Foot Reflexology
60min  $75     
Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to the feet and utilizing specific thumb, finger and hand techniques with the use of oil and lotion. Based on a system of zones and reflex areas, that reflect an image of the body on the feet, the stimulation of these areas can produce a physical change in the body. It is a very soothing and relaxing treatment

Lomi Lomi ( Hawaiian Massage)

60min $95

This massage combines the best of Lomi Lomi, known as the dance of massage, with the best of Thai Aromatherapy. Designed for those wanting a little more ‘umph and pizzazz’ to the relaxing Aromatherapy massage, this blend incorporates rhythmic movements with gliding massage strokes applied through the use of fingers, knuckles, palms, forearms, and elbows taking you to a state of bliss